With our full service tuxedo rental, customers can choose from a wide selection of formal wear, from traditional tuxedos to modern styles with everything that you need to complete the look.  Coat, pants, vest, tie, shirt, cuff links, shoes in your choice of many colors and styles are part of the tuxedo rental package at Michelangelo’s Tailoring & Tuxedos.  Proms, weddings, black tie events, we have the right look for you.  With the option of many colors and styles of accessories, you can match your date’s dress or just establish your own stylish flair.

Our experienced, expert tailors will fit you properly and complete the alterations promptly to ensure you look your best for that special night.

All rental packages includes: coat, pant, shirt, tie, shoes, cufflinks and stud

*Michelangelo’s offers alternative rental packages also, please call for further details